My channel art
“Nobody is perfect. We think we are perfect because of the animation we use, but we aren't. We just are normal people who try to be popular as AGK82. To be more popular than him, we use outstanding animation so we can be popular and have lots of subscribers. I can clearly understand it. But recently, TheAGKMisadventures said we make rip-offs of other AGK videos. Still, that doesn't mean we will stop making AGK videos. Also, take a look at me, some of my episodes might be remakes, but some are original. My series is a mix of AGK videos, games, books, movies and some original ideas. Besides, why don't you make AGK videos based on events that happened in your life? Nothing can stop us from making AGK videos. So yeah, nobody is perfect. We do stuff in a way, there's no perfect way. Just accept it.”
―Fabrice's speech about people thinking they are perfect.
“A new generation of AGK starts.”
“For some people, AGK might be an amateur project. But in order to get more views and subscribers, you need perfect voice actors.”
―Fabrice's point of view on how can a AGK Parodist/Youtuber have tons of views,likes and even subscribers.
“For me, being inspired by AGK makers is remaking episodes from these guys, but with better graphics, different characters, or other stuff. And completely stealing their videos is taking their AGK video(s) and claiming it as our own.”
―Fabrice, explaining the difference between getting inspired by AGK makers and stealing their videos.