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AngryGermanKid82 (Abbr.: AGK82, aka SkilesTV) is a former AGK parodist who used to make AGK videos. His AGK series revolved around the main protagonist: Leopold Slikk. It follows Leopold in his misadventures. Several Videos in his series have been deleted but has been re-uploaded by I am Dead (Walter Austin).

In November 2012, AGK82's account has been disabled due to a Community Strike. He quitted that account in order to wait for the Community Strike to expire. 2 days later, he created an alternate channel called SkilesTV. In January 2013, he uploaded his last video on his channel and retired from his AGK Series. Since then, his two channels have no activity.

In March 2015, he officially announced his retirement, which means that he officially stopped making parodies such as AGK, Harold For Hire and even Downfall.[1]